October Workshops

Posted on September 26th, 2012


“On Leash Manners”
Loose leash walking and how to fix on leash reactivity.
This Workshop addresses Loose Leash walking and On-Leash Reactivity (commonly referred to as “Leash Aggression”). Both of these behaviors are extremely common and frustrating issues for owners and dogs. Leash pulling and reactivity co-exist. In order to be successfully repaired we must address and fix both. This Workshop will train both owners how to walk their dog on a loose leash, and how to modify your dogs reaction to another dog while on a leash.
Two dates: October 6th and November 3rd
Time: 3-5pm
$60 Team / 12 Team Maximum

“The Complete Dog”
Building a healthy relationship with your dog.
Understanding your dogs psyche and knowing how to physically benefit your dog, creates a happier and healthier canine – a ‘Complete Dog’. If you know what to look for, your dog’s expressions and behaviors can indicate much about his internal state. However, humans don’t know what signs to look for, and/ or ‘humanize’ their canine companion. This causes misunderstandings and problems in your relationship. Behavior and training issues can be rooted in many areas; lack of leadership, poor training, unknown pain or undiagnosed illness. Learning how to identify the problem is the first half of the repair. This seminar will help you to identify and interpret your dog’s behavioral and physical signals.
The key to creating and maintaining a healthy bond with your dog is to have a better understanding of canine behavior.
October 13th
Time: 12-2pm
$60 Team / 12 Team Maximum