The Ranch for Canine Training and Behavior

A proper evaluation of your dog’s temperament, his living environment, and your relationship is the key to understanding and solving problem issues. A Comprehensive Behavior Evaluation and consult is the first step toward a happier, healthier relationship with your dog(s). This service will be conducted at The Ranch (a neutral territory for you and your dog).
If necessary we may follow up with a visit to your home.

The following are common issues that we work with:
Aggression (toward human and dog)
Fearfulness (toward human and dog)
Pack relationships
Resource guarding
Impolite greetings/Jumping on strangers
Leash pulling
Poor recall/Lack of attention

Following the evaluation and consult conducted by our behavior specialist, Catherine O’Donnell, CPDT-KA, you will be provided with a full and honest analysis of your dog’s world. We look at the ‘big picture’ and will discuss your dog’s general health, nutrition, breed dispositions, and more. You will be given a Tailored Rehabilitation program designed specifically for you. We always consider a realistic picture and will, to the best of our abilities, help you to best help your dog.