Barton Creek Elementary | “Science Day” Presentation

Posted on November 18th, 2012

The Ranch for Canine Training and Behavior was asked to be a Presenter at Barton Creek Elementary School “Science Day” on November 16, 2012. We did 4 x :45 Presentations. We talked about how to say ‘hi’ safely to a dog, what to do if there is a loose dog or a dog is chasing you. After our lecture we did some Obedience, Rally, Agility demos. Lastly the children participated in Hide-n-seek games. They hid the toy and the dog had to find it. That proved the highlight of each presentation. We have received such amazing feedback from the school that we are overwhelmed. The children of Barton Creek Elementary were exceptionally polite, mannered and of course smart. We look forward to more activities with Barton Creek Elementary School!

Pictured below is Therapy Dog “LunaBella” and some of the children at BCE. “LunaBella” is owned and trained by Catherine O’Donnell, CPDT.